New year comes to give us a fresh hope,

For a better future and success

New Year gives us dream for that

We will face challenges with confidence

On this new year may your dreams and hopes

Succeed with the blessings of god

Happy New Year and Seasons greetings!


Hope everyone has a wonderful new year and may 2015 be filled with nothing but happiness, success and love! This new year, my resolution is to try and stick towards a healthy balance of healthy eating and exercising regularly. This time, I will try my best to keep to the goal throughout the year as usually I never make resolutions or keep them. 2014 was a wonderful year, and reminiscing back on the memorable moments will always be a bliss. With a new year, there are 365 new days which bring 365 new chances and opportunities to continue to grow and develop who we are as a person, or to discover who we are. May we take each and every day towards our goals and make the best of each moment.


2015 New Years Resolution:

  • Eat Healthy! (No dieting obvi)
  • Exercise, and work out regularly!
  • Maintain my blog and journal with weekly(or monthly), updates at least.
  • Stick to ‘One picture a day’ on instagram, try not to post more unless necessary.
  • Work towards my future path as a CPA upon graduation.
  • Travel to new places, learn new experiences and expose myself to new people.
  • Lastly, enjoy each moment and continue to learn from each and every occurrence. Everything that happens is either a blessing or a lesson, never waste it.


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