Paddington the bear is probably the current talk for movies as it was recently released and the trailer has been airing on tv for weeks! (as well as in theatres before your movie plays) And I’ve finally checked it out a few days ago as it seemed like a funny and adorable film to pass some time. Best part was that there was a promotion happening during this week so if you saw it anytime during the week, you’d receive 3x the Scene points! Got to collect my points again since I used them all up last year after I reached 5,000.

With this perfect promotion going on, being ‘free’ from school work and my friend coming back to Toronto – just had to go check it out! It was relatively short as a typical family movie running approximately 1hr 30mins. I thoroughly enjoyed the film, it was a bit different than what I thought from the trailer. I didn’t expect Paddington to be able to talk english (lol), I thought he talked in ‘bear’ since the trailer never actually showed him talking. It was a bit different in that aspect and also my expectations since I didn’t know there was a little bit of background to Paddington which eventually led to it’s story and plot line.

Paddington was very adorable and cute, and it just makes you want to have a bear as a pet after watching… It was funny throughout the whole film which was a surprise as usually comedy films are now ‘funny at a certain part’ and that’s it. But this film was funny throughout and will have you laughing the entire time. It’s also taps into your emotional side (obvi) but they add comedy while at it.

Overall the film was worth watching and I really enjoyed it. I think it was because the theme and message to come across was ‘acceptance’ which is always my favourite. Being accepted for who you are, even if you are different from everyone else and society thinks you don’t belong or shouldn’t be there. Paddington was different as he was a bear and everyone was human, where no one accepted him, paid attention or wanted him because of it. In the end, he was accepted as being family and a part of the community because of who he was and looked past his indifferences. :’)

I think if you’re not a fan of cartoon or kids movies (which I would classify this as), then you should watch it on tuesdays for the half price rate! It will be worth that at least for those who aren’t sure if they want to spend the cash.

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