I took over Nathan Fillion Online from Chanel earlier this year and it has easily become my favourite site to manage to date! Luckily it was already created a few years ago and majority of the gallery was already filled so all I had to do was fill in the missing spots and update from there on. Nathan Fillion has become one of my favourite actors as his portrayal of Castle had me swooning and falling in love last year. I hope to keep NFO up to date as best as possible (which has been a success so far!) and continue improving it for the fans. Currently I’m running two campaigns – one is a Christmas giveaway running for 9 weeks and is more than halfway complete and the second campaign is a 2015 birthday project for Nathan. I’m excited for both campaigns as it is christmas and winter holidays, so being able to give back to the fans for their support is a wonderful feeling. As well as, I love hosting birthday projects and it’s been a while since I created a book (the last one was Lyndsy’s fonsecaholics in 2013, and Noah’s birthday project in 2013). If you haven’t yet, please check out NFO and leave me feedback on what you think!


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